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Discover Science (DS) is a platform for the enthusiasts to explore science, based on their experiences in daily life. We present you mind bending experiments, discussions by experts, interactions with real life scientists, facilitate for projects by your selves. DS is subset of GHA, who is pioneer in facilitating knowledge to the students / scholars through experts.

We are focusing on nurturing lateral thinking among children and science enthusiasts by conducting simple experiments in laboratory scale and make them understand in an easiest way. The young minds will be made occupied in tinkering their brains with analyzing the concepts and proposing new ones. Being established in Bengaluru, it is to reach us anytime from anywhere. We are open to schools, colleges and even corporates to conduct fun filled educational camps / experimental camps and virtual science tours.
Our online portal will provide guest lectures on various topics spread over robotics, life sciences, aerospace science, engineering, Nano technology, etc.,


Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to inculcate the scientific temperament among young minds and engage them in research through our experiments and camps. DS is committed to strengthen knowledge base of individuals by providing equal opportunity to explore more about science.

Our Vision is to establishing a world class science park by improving skills, continually. DS should be the single place for all the scientific explorations.


Awesome Experience

The programs are designed to provide students with opportunity to engage with science activities.


Creative Thinking

One aspect of the program is the opportunity to meet & share ideas with students from different schools.


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Contact us to request a demo or to learn more about us and the Programs we offer.

Discover Science Programs

  • Robotics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future and dictating the life style of millennials and GenZ.

  • Health Sciences

    The science associated with nature is studying about all living and non-living things.

  • Space

    Though our scientists have explored and still exploring the space and getting surprised with their inventions.

  • Nanotechnology

    The future of the smart world depends on the material to be used and nano-technology is the one which is going to dictate it.


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